Positive in the Presence of Virus

March 29th, 2020
Not in my lifetime have I witnessed an emergency that has impacted all 50 states in America and has simultaneously involved major population centers globally. Experts are concerned that this emergency will impact every human being on the planet. The term virus is not... READ MORE

Coaching, Sustained Excellence?

March 11th, 2020
If you are striving for excellence when do you need a coach?  Is it when you fail or is it when outcomes do not meet your expectations? As you strive for excellence what do you expect of a coach?  Coaching is a word that takes on many different forms.  For example,... READ MORE

Heart of Neighbor, Hood

January 8th, 2020
Being a Coloradan, we have a different view of how long winter will last. For the avid snowboarder or skier, we are hoping for pow-pow and legit runs into May or June.  As a farm kid, I am hoping for sunshine and thaw in February which tells me planting will soon be... READ MORE

Making Choices

December 23rd, 2019
For me, the month of November signals that the end of another year and the beginning of many choices. Then there are those Indian summer days calling us back reminding us of summer warmth and days that don’t seem to end. Mother Nature provides such honesty with no... READ MORE