RMP Assessment

What is the Reiss Motivation Profile (RMP)?

The Reiss Motivation Profile (RMP) was created after an exhaustive 30 years of research and study that considered the Big 5 as well as Karl Jung and even going back as far as Socrates.

When human traits and needs consider humans holistically Doctor Reiss had the statistical validity and integrity to state that there are 16 categories of needs that represent the attitudes and behaviors humans represent in varying degrees, i.e., everyone differs in their degree of desire for 16 traits thereby defining “Who We Are”.

“Whether you’re a professional athlete, a college athlete, executive from the boardroom, or that performer standing in front of a stage – there’s a process that generates the best results for them.”

Dr. Lowell Wightman

The 16 basic desires make us individuals.

Although everybody embraces all 16 desires, people prioritize them differently. How you prioritize them reveals your deepest desires and intrinsic motives.

How Do We Increase Mental Performance?

based on your unique RMP profile, 360mindset analyzes your mental performance tendencies and how you might react to stress – we provide practical tips for motivation at peak performance challenges.

The Reiss Motivation Profile (RMP) is an uncommonly comprehensive self-discovery tool that was scientifically validated, can be taken online, and is widely used internationally.

The results reveal a person’s most important needs, desires and goals, in addition to providing all the information of a type indicator or personality assessment.

Founder, Steven Reiss, Ph.D. has collected scientific research data for over 30 years as he developed the RMP.  Over 135,000 people in 6 continents have taken the profile in 150 countries.

Dr. Steven Reiss was the founder of IDS Publishing. He was a Senior Fellow of Dartmouth College and a Yale University Ph.D. in psychology. He completed a clinical psychology internship at Harvard Medical School Department of Neurology/ Massachusetts General Hospital Child Psychiatry. He was a Fellow of the American Psychological Association and recipient of five national awards for research, clinical services, and leadership, and a recipient of two Illinois recognition awards for volunteerism. He was a former Professor of Psychology and Psychiatry at Ohio State and Illinois-Chicago.

Lowell Wightman, Ph.D., brings the RMP full circle for executives and athletes when he applies practical methods and strategies to the mental conditioning plans. “I call him Coach Wightman, because he brings psychometric theory into creating real training tools. I am a better executive because of his training.”, Mary Peterson, CEO, MLP Consulting.