Follow In The Footsteps

Mary Peterson

“Lowell’s commitment to developing excellence with leaders who strive to be high performers has never been question. My staff and the many members of RJO have always responded positively to the challenges Lowell presents to them. Our future thinking is always clarified and focused after meeting with Lowell.”

Trevor Moawad

“High performance expectations are easy to create but the training and development of curriculum to deliver performance excellence requires knowing what it feels like to walk in the athlete’s shoes. Lowell has done that and in fact I call him Coach because he is always discovering ways to make the player better. I rely on Lowell, Coach, to create mental attitudes that are fearless and yet grounded in sound academic theory.”

Adam Ritz

“I met Lowell at Colorado State University and quickly recognized how quick and impactful his mental conditioning training has positively changed the mindset of CSU football players. I was glad I could be a part of their heightened social awareness.”

Jim McElwain

“What you do on a daily basis and how you think, it only carries over to everything you do — practice, games. It’s habits that you do every single day, it’s the way that you approach. It’s all choices and decisions. I selected Lowell to create the training and provide guidance to focus our thinking and develop mindsets for excellence.”

360 Mindset on KUHS Radio

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