Leadership Skills and Traits

Are traits and skills the same? Some may agree and some would say a trait is something that is possible in someone where a skill is an action they have already proven success.

I tend to agree with that statement and would add that leaders do not always have traits that match their skills. What traits make a leader someone you would follow? Does a “True Leader” need to demonstrate their traits as skills before you will trust them? There are many politicians I will not believe nor follow because their skill most certainly does not match their traits.

Politics is not the only area where leadership traits are not matched with the skill to back them up. In business or any field of competition skill is many times needed to validate the trait. Winning coaches can demonstrate the skill of a True Leader based on a winning record but do they have the traits to sustain? Or is their skill created from a combination and collaboration from the team and coaching staff?

Who are the Leaders that you admire and what traits and/or skills best define them?