Individual Coaching

pic9Work with individuals is the most rewarding due the powerful attitudes and friendships that are created. In everything we do the focus is on process and not the perceived rewards at the end of the training. So relationships and the trust they create are essential for sustainable long-term success.

Keynote Motivational Talk

Motivational talks are created after one hour meeting with the individual or team requesting the support.  Once again the topic like the reward at the end of the race is not the focus of any motivational talk. The greater the understanding about the culture, attitude and mindset of the participants the more motivational the talk will become.

Curriculum Design

Designing and creating a curriculum is dependent on the availability of a subject matter expert. It is not always the instructor who will be the subject matter expert. The focus for a foundational curriculum is found in the knowledge to be shared. From here learning objectives, pedagogy, and strategies can be created.

Team & Leadership Development

Any one of many learning theories or methods would be used to create or strengthen the essential components of team and individual leaders. Before any team program is developed an assessment of the current leadership style(s) and traits is mandatory. Orientation and learning systems are also create for current leadership prior to the implementation of the team development concepts.

Resiliency and Readiness Assessments

Instruments that have been used with current clients are readily available when they fit the client needs assessment. When current assessments instruments do not fit the immediate need customized survey and assessment instruments are created. Assessment data is reviewed and measured with the most current and sophisticated measurement tools such as Nvivo or Qualtrics.