RMP16 Pricing & Order Entry

The Reiss Motivation Profile® for Sports Individual Athletes is an online questionnaire takes only 10 – 15 minutes to complete. The results include an easy-to-read report about your deepest desires, intrinsic motives, and core values.

 Athlete Profile Pricing

The Adult RMP 16 provides you with a 30-minute telephone consultation. You may invite advisor, counselor or coach to participate in your feedback session to discuss motivation in related performance areas at no extra cost. We help you with your mental game in your sport as well as life skills and core values. We also can help student athletes maintain athletic eligibility by offering strategies to boost motivation for academics.

For this price you get a comprehensive, confidential assessment of your individual core values from a Certified Reiss Profile Master, including:

  • How to boost your motivation during critical moments of competition and stress;
  • Your athletic tendencies under stress, so you can anticipate these and improve;
  • Who you are, and what other athletes – opponents and teammates – likely think of you.

The report is written in plain language, no psycho-babble, so it is easy to understand and to implement into your conditioning.

Corporate RMP 16 Pricing

The corporate profile adds a confirmation scale assessment that further validates the integrity of your responses. The corporate profile provides valuable insights into leadership traits, ability to handle conflict, and how will working with others impact your overall performance.

The telephone consultation provides you with further clarification about your mental game in sports and in life skill core values. You may also ask for suggestions in the following areas.

  • Teamwork
  • Leadership
  • Academic Engagement or Performance
  • Relationship Management

Single Profile Pricing

Your profile report will be sent to you via email address.  A 30 minute consultation is not part of this profile.

(The RMP assessment is used globally by professionals and world-class athletes to improve their mental game, and it also is used in schools to evaluate academic motivation.)

Books & Training Supplies

Written by Dr Steven Reiss This is a comprehensive statement of the principles, constructs, reliability, validity, interpretation, application, and psychometrics underlying Steven Reiss’s theory of 16 basic desires and his Reiss Motivation Profile®. This book is a must read in order to understand the 30 year study that created the data and statistical analysis behind result integrity and validity.

This is reference book quickly reviews and compares extrinsic and intrinsic motivation. This concise book is one scientist’s answer to Daniel Pink’s Drive, which claims that extrinsic incentives – money, bonuses, praise, and recognition – have the paradoxical effect of lessening intrinsic motivation. Reiss exposes multiple flaws with the underlying science and discusses studies as well as scholarly literature reviews not even mentioned in Pink’s book. This is a must read for anyone interested in intrinsic motivation in schools, business/human resources, and sports or entertainment.