How Can RMP16 Help?

The Reiss Motivation ProfileĀ® online questionnaire takes only 10 – 15 minutes to complete.

The results include an easy-to-read report about your deepest desires, intrinsic motives, and core values.

  • Those with a strong need for tranquility may have a tendency to perform poorly (“choke”) under stress.
  • Executives with a strong need for status may have an emotional letdown against non-prestigious opponents, while athletes with a strong need for power may have an emotional letdown against inferior talent.
  • Athletes with a strong need for expedience may commit penalties under stress.
  • Those with a weak need for interdependence may have problems when they have to rely on teammates.

The results also suggest how you may get along with coaches and direct reports and how they may really view you.

Lastly, the report offers practical tips for motivating yourself for peak performance. Members of the world champion German handball team wore wristbands that have inspirational thoughts based on the results of their individual motivation profiles. Colorado State University football created team affirmations from their profiles that resulted in a team image recognizing each other and the community that supports them.

1 Town Team Dream

1 Town Team Dream