Reiss Performance AssessmentWhat is the Reiss Motivational Profile?
The Reiss Motivational Profile (RMP16) was created after an exhaustive 30 years of research and study that considered the Big 5 as well as Karl Jung and even going back as far as Socrates. When human traits and needs consider humans holistically Doctor Reiss has the statistical validity and integrity to state that there are 16 categories of needs that represent the attitudes and behaviors humans represent in varying degrees, i.e., everyone differs in their degree of desire for 16 traits thereby defining “Who We Are”.

16 Basic Desires
The 16 basic desires make us individuals. Although everybody embraces all 16 desires, people prioritize them differently. How you prioritize them reveals your deepest desires and intrinsic motives.

  • Acceptance, the desire to avoid failure and criticism.
  • Curiosity, the desire for understanding.
  • Eating, the desire for food.
  • Expedience, the desire to act out of self-interest.
  • Family, the desire to raise children and to spend time with siblings.
  • Idealism, the desire for social justice.
  • Interdependence, the desire to trust others to meet one’s needs.
  • Order, the desire to be organized and clean.
  • Physical Activity, the desire for muscle exercise.
  • Power, the desire for influence or leadership.
  • Romance*, the desire for beauty and sex.
  • Saving*, the desire to collect
  • Social Contact, the desire for peer companionship.
  • Status, the desire for respect based on social standing.
  • Tranquility, the desire to be free of anxiety and pain.
  • Vengeance, the desire to confront those who offend.

* This basic desire is not assessed in the Reiss Motivation Profile® for Sports.

How Can it Help Performance?
Based on your unique motivation profile, the report discusses, in plain language (not psycho-babble), your athletic tendencies and how you might react to stress.  The report also offers practical tips for motivating yourself for peak performance.  Click HERE for examples of how RMP 16 can help with your athletic performance.