Untitled-6I have been snowboarding for five seasons and loved every minute of each run. Well there are moments in the beginning when your butt and hips send reminders that starting any new adventure may have challenges. I accept that and remind myself on each run how fortunate I am as I take in my surroundings at Copper Mountain, Colorado. My son encouraged me to snowboard after we moved to Colorado. His initial reasoning was snowboarding is something we can do together. I now have four grandchildren, from my son, and two of the four boys snowboard. I now have even more incentive to enjoy snowboarding.
So during this trip to Copper Mountain I was reflecting on how I improve my boarding technique and feel more relaxed as I snowboarder. I am a confident snowboarder but I am not always positive. I know I am not relaxed when I allow thoughts to enter my head that are not encouraging or optimistic, i.e., POSITIVE.
When I am not positive I hesitate and a hesitating snowboarder is like a hick-up for an opera singer.Your movement is not fluid and your technique will lack confidence.
I was having some great runs on a trail named Ptarmigan when I realized that positive thinking establishes my confidence. I was fluid with my technique and very relaxed. I also realized that positive thoughts diminish if not eliminate apprehension that may arise from seeing a roller or bump ahead. The positive thoughts created actions that were natural and quickly implemented. As a coach once told me just do it don’t think about it. Perhaps that is where Nike got their slogan.
I am very intrigued with the comparison of Confidence vs. Positive Thought. I now believe positive thinking should come before a feeling of confidence. I can manufacture a confident feeling and possibly not deliver the results declared in my feeling of confidence. However, positive thinking is part of your performance or task. For example I am going down the Ptarmigan run and I am thinking positive thoughts about my technique, the snow quality, making a turn, and I feel more confident as the run continues. I also find myself more relaxed and less fatigued at the end of the run.
I believe you can be CONFIDENT without positive thoughts, but the personal development and execution of the action(s) you are confident about may not be preformed at your best without beginning with positive thinking. I enjoyed more than one run down the Ptarmigan trail and each one was better than the last because I kept drawing upon positive thoughts. I did not allow doubt or hesitation to enter into my behavior.
Rock On and be your Best! Bring on 2013

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