Parental Support Gone Overboard

I believe I was fortunate to not have too much parental support growing up. However there  were times when an extra seven cents would have been nice to get another popsicle. I think that dates me.

It does not matter if it is seven cents or unlimited funding too many resources and/or support can distract kids from displaying a genuine interest and desire. Here is an article from the Wall Street Journal you may find interesting.

The Problem for Sports Parents: Overspending – WSJ

It has been my experience as a parent that being present and NOT too quick with spending money kept my child’s attention with their sport. In addition we were able to try more activities and sports without exhausting our financial resources.

I agree with this article and would add that parents and coaches ask the athletes to take ownership of their sport emotionally, financially and physically.  I bought my son his first pair of hockey skates and when he wanted to upgrade he came up with the money.  As he continued to play I was always present, despite how cold those stands get at 5am ice time. That was my commitment as long as I saw my son maintain his commitment and passion for the sport.

Lastly let your children guide you by their earnest participation and desire to improve. Remember you do not play the game for them. Guide them to discover the level of their personal ownership and desire for their sport.

2 thoughts on “Parental Support Gone Overboard

  1. I agree! Parents supporting their children is good but not too much. It may lead to many different disadvantages for their children. Sometimes, kids must try and learn to stand with their own and make decisions with their own. This could help them more stronger not just physically, but mentally and emotionally. But of course, parents must still support them, not too much, not too less, just right. Thanks for sharing!

    • We will continue to share and create insights that support personal improvement. Continue being mindful with purposeful intent.

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