pic8In today’s busy world there are so many ways to reach out and contact individuals or groups.  I would love to have you sign for the blog so that we may share ideas and thoughts with each other. Do not hesitate to use Twitter or Facebook to keep up with the different ways a mindset for excellence can be achieved.

Public Speaking

I am available for a range of topics and would tailor a presentation to your organization on the topic of your choice.

  • Social Media Mindset
  • Strengthen the Resiliency Muscle
  • Engaging Those Who Feel Entitled

Each speech I give is considerate of the future goals and objectives described by current leadership as I add industry and economic patterns that influence organizational success.

Readiness Assessment

Your performance when placed under the pressure of competition can alter your behavior and thereby diminish your expected results. I have developed a survey instrument to assess patterns and themes in your behavior due to competitive and social pressure.

The resiliency survey instrument I developed looks at four areas of possible pressure or stress – Competitive, Community, Relationships, and Intellectual. The survey is administered online via a secured website service managed by Colorado State University (Qualtrics).  The fee for a single survey is $20. Group rate pricing may apply upon written request.

Mindset Management

Creating a mindset that unlocks all of your potential is the preferred service I enjoy delivering. I work with individuals in teams as well as stand alone performers. My role is to observe and then discover methods and strategies too not only sustain your excellence but to develop under utilized potential.

Mental Conditioning strategies are used to create training that will develop mindsets that are sustainable and clarify a strong mind body connection. The first 50 minutes of individual sessions are at no charge. Team and group rates are customized for the organization.

Mental Conditioning Training Curriculum Design

Mental Conditioning is a process that requires a clear and detail review of the participants before implementing the training curriculum. Even with one participant there will be learning objectives and goals established.

The foundation of my practice sits upon the theory and methods used in secondary and higher education. My experience as a secondary classroom instructor and my current role as an Adjunct Professor provide the framework for efficient and effective curriculum plans and design. I look forward to visiting with human resource professional, corporate trainers, and athletic trainers to discuss how I may assist you.  I provide 50 minutes free consultation to start our discussion.